Clear AlignersClear aligners can help you to discreetly and effectively straighten your teeth. In most cases, clear aligners are capable of correcting the same bite and alignment issues as metal braces without the need to wear visible brackets and wires for years. This is a popular option for adults and teens looking for a comfortable, low-visibility way to correct their smiles. Dr. Stephanie Paswaters specializes in ClearCorrect custom orthodontic aligners here at Emerald Dental in Lakewood, Colorado.

ClearCorrect Is an Easy, Effective Alternative to Braces

Your custom-made aligner trays will shift your crooked or misaligned teeth into place gradually. This option allows for very gentle tooth alignment because each tray that is fitted to your teeth is designed to move just one tooth or section at a time. You will actually allow each tray to work on a tooth or section of teeth for a few weeks before moving to the next section. This allows us to see the real-time progress involved with correcting your teeth alignment.

Does ClearCorrect Hurt?

One of the benefits of using clear aligners to correct teeth alignment is that this option tends to be far less painful than traditional metal braces that use wires and brackets. Generally, you won’t experience any pain or soreness with clear braces. However, you may feel some slight pressure whenever we switch your trays. This is actually a completely normal sign that demonstrates that the trays are working.

Do You Have to Wear Clear Aligners All Day?

While aligners are removable, you will still be wearing them essentially around the clock. Aligners are intended to be worn for up to 22 hours per day. Ideally, you will only be removing your aligners when eating and drinking. They will also be removed when it’s time to brush your teeth and clean your aligners. Corrective aligners are incredibly easy to clean. You’ll simply brush and rinse them whenever it’s time to brush your teeth.

How Long Will I Have to Wear Clear Aligners?

This varies based on how much realignment is necessary. However, the timeframe for wearing clear aligners is much shorter than the normal timeframe for wearing traditional metal braces. Most patients get their desired results within 18 to 24 months. Dr. Paswaters may recommend that you wear a custom retainer after your realignment is complete to prevent your teeth from shifting.

How Do I Get Invisible Braces From a Dentist in Lakewood Colorado?

Dr. Paswaters offers a clear alternative to braces right here at Emerald Dental in Lakewood. A dentist specializing in gentle dentistry since 1995, Dr. Paswaters offers custom support for patients with autism and other sensory concerns. Let us help you decide if clear braces can help you get the smile you want with fewer hassles than metal braces. Please contact Emerald Dental to learn more about teeth alignment using an alternative to braces!