Porcelain Veneers


A cosmetic option for improving your smile, a porcelain veneer is placed over the visible portion of a tooth. Veneers offer a strong, durable option for preserving the look and function of damaged teeth. If you’re looking for information on veneers in Lakewood Colorado, take a look at the basics of how this option can improve the appearance, performance and health of your teeth.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

A veneer is a thin ceramic shell that we bond to the front surface of a tooth. While simple, this option can quickly restore a smile. Veneers are commonly used to cosmetically correct:

  • Staining that can’t be corrected through whitening.
  • A chipped tooth.
  • A crooked tooth.
  • A worn tooth.
  • A misshapen tooth.
  • Uneven spacing.
  • Gaps.

The veneer option is a very versatile option that allows us to customize the look of a tooth. Your veneer will be matched to your “tooth color” to create a natural, polished effect that blends in with your full smile. Many people choose this option because a veneer allows them to enjoy a natural, classically shaped tooth.

Can I Drink Coffee After Getting Porcelain Veneers?

Yes! A veneer is really unmatched in the way that it blends in so naturally with your smile. A big benefit of choosing this option is that your veneer will be resistant to staining from things like coffee and tea. Your ability to continue enjoying coffee without worries is just one of many benefits tied to choosing a veneer. They are also very strong and durable. The actual procedure of having a veneer placed is much simpler than other options. With a veneer, less enamel needs to be removed than we’d need to remove with an option like a tooth cap or crown. The end result is a very natural, convincing surface that fits in with your own teeth radiantly. While a veneer can be damaged, replacement is usually fairly simple. The most common cause of veneer damage is people “using their tooth a tool” when opening packaging.

What Is the Process for Getting a Veneer?

We often begin by removing a minimal amount of enamel from the tooth to make room for your veneer. Next, a dental impression will be made. We’ll also select a veneer shade that matches your smile. Once your veneer has been made, we’ll confirm the fit to make any adjustments needed prior to applying the veneer. It’s then just a matter of bonding your veneer to the tooth in need of cosmetic repair.

Find a Dentist for Porcelain Veneers in Lakewood Colorado

Dr. Stephanie Paswaters at Emerald Dental specializes in natural-looking veneer application. We’ll help you decide if getting a veneer is the best option for restoring your smile. Practicing dentistry in Colorado since 1995, Dr. Paswaters uses the latest technology for matching each veneer to your smile for a flawless look that will give you confidence. Our office specializes in gentle dentistry with the option for sedation dentistry. For more information about seeing a dentist for veneer work, contact Emerald Dental to book your appointment.