Teeth Whitening

Are you bothered by yellow, stained teeth every time you look in the mirror? It’s easy to feel self-conscious every time you talk, laugh, smile or eat in front of others when your teeth are stained. In most cases, this is actually one of the easiest cosmetic issues to treat! Teeth whitening can correct discoloration to create a radiant look that makes you feel good about smiling again. Be sure to ask about having your teeth professionally whitened the next time you visit with Dr. Stephanie Paswaters here at Emerald Dental.

The Basics of Dental Whitening

First, we’ll help you decide if you’d like to whiten your top teeth, bottom teeth or both based on factors like staining patterns, how much of your teeth are visible when you talk and your personal preferences. At our office, we utilize custom bleach splints featuring a special bleaching agent that you will wear for a few hours daily. This process bleaches stains from your enamel safely without doing any damage to the structure or health of your teeth. The splints will be worn until your teeth have reached your desired brightness level.

What Kind of Staining Can Professional Dental Whitening Treat?

There are many reasons why teeth become stained or discolored. Our patients commonly use dental whitening to correct discoloration caused by everyday staining, coffee drinking, tea drinking, smoking, aging or chemical damage. For many people, teeth whitening is an easy, low-cost solution that allows them to correct embarrassing stains without the need for veneers or crowns.

What Is the Process for Getting My Teeth Whitened by a Dentist?

Dr. Paswaters will take an impression of your teeth to create your custom bleach-holding trays that will hold the bleaching agent against your teeth. Once you have your trays, you’ll wear them for a few hours each day for about a week. You can expect to see a true whitening transformation during this span of time.

Why Is Getting Whitening From a Dentist Better Than Buying a Kit?

Many “drugstore” dental bleaching products are relatively effective at improving the color of your teeth. However, these products can cause harm for the teeth and gums. You may experience everything from gum irritation to enamel damage if you misuse or overuse these products. At Emerald Dental, we use professional-grade, safe bleaching agents designed to preserve the long-term health and integrity of your teeth and gums.

Book a Consultation for Tooth Whitening in Lakewood Colorado

If tooth staining has left you feeling self-conscious around others, it’s time to consider one of the easiest cosmetic options for brightening your teeth. Dr. Paswaters can help you to enjoy a “brightening makeover” that will restore radiance to your smile. While bleaching isn’t effective for every type and degree of staining, it is almost always worth considering whitening before moving on to more complicated cosmetic options for concealing stains. For more information about professional tooth whitening from a dentist in Lakewood Colorado, contact Emerald Dental to book your appointment.