Five Benefits of Dental Implants

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If you’re looking for a permanent tooth replacement that’s going to restore appearance and function, there’s no better option than a dental implant.

A dental implant is as close to “growing” a natural, permanent tooth as a person can get. While implants do require a bigger commitment than some other cosmetic fixes, they also offer some of the biggest benefits. Take a look at the five benefits of choosing dental implants.

  1. Dental Implants Are Secure

When a dental implant is added, it’s surgically implanted into the jawbone to become as much a part of your body as any of your natural teeth. During the process, the implant is fortified using small posts that stick up from the gum to create supportive anchors. As the implant heals, it bonds to your jawbone for a “good as natural” fit! That means that you can have confidence when eating and drinking. Dental implants are also easy to take care of because they can be treated just like the rest of your natural teeth.

  1. Dental Implants Prevent Bone Deterioration

Did you know that losing a tooth can change the way your face looks? When we lose bone mass from missing teeth, our facial structure can actually soften. Many people experience “sagging” at the cheeks and jaw after losing teeth. Implants help to prevent the bone loss and deterioration that occur when there is an empty space in the mouth by preserving bone density. Think of your implant as scaffolding!

  1. Dental Implants Protect Oral Health

The problem isn’t over just because a problematic tooth is gone. The gap that is left lingering can be a magnet for bacteria. When we allow a gap to remain, bacteria can quickly form in the pocket before spreading to other teeth to increase your chances of additional tooth loss down the road. There is also an increased risk for issues like gingivitis.

  1. Dental Implants Help to Preserve Other Teeth

When a tooth is missing from our bite, we begin to overcompensate with our other teeth when biting and chewing. In fact, you’ll do this without even thinking about it! This can drastically change the wear patterns of our teeth. What’s more, teeth that are being overused to compensate for a gap in your mouth can be more susceptible to cavities and decay.

  1. Dental Implants Can Help You Keep a Fresh, Vibrant Smile

Nobody ever needs to know that an implant isn’t your real tooth! While a dental implant is the best option in terms of things like oral health and ease of maintenance, the truth is that the confidence of never feeling like you have to hide your mouth is what truly makes this the best option. Yes, getting an implant is a longer process than some of the more superficial fixes out there. However, patients who choose this route never regret the process once they get to enjoy the benefits of having “smile confidence.”

Getting Dental Implants in Lakewood, Colorado

At Emerald Dental, Dr. Stephanie Paswaters is pleased to offer the latest technology for helping patients to get quality dental implants. A dental implant is truly the best option if you’d like to smile, eat and laugh without any concerns. Serving the Denver area since 1999, Dr. Paswaters is happy to walk you through the process of how dental implants are done today. Our office has many techniques for making your journey to a fully restored smile as gentle and calming as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact Emerald Dental today to learn more about dental implants.