Four Signs You Might Need a Dental Implant

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Is it time to consider a dental implant? It’s a question that’s probably on your mind if you suspect that you have a tooth that’s beyond saving.

An implant could be the best route for preserving your oral health, regaining confidence in your smile, and enjoying a fully functioning mouth without worries if a tooth can’t be saved. Many patients aren’t aware that the process of getting dental implants is much easier today than it was just five or 10 years ago. While it’s true that many short-term fixes for addressing tooth loss exist, none of them offer the peace of mind of dental implants. Take a look at the four signs that it’s time to consider a dental implant.

  1. Your Tooth Is Badly Cracked

While the goal of a dentist is to always preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, there are simply times when a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved. If this is the case, extraction will be recommended. It’s helpful to have plans in mind for your next step when you have the tooth extracted because you can choose to have the gap that’s left packed with grafting material to create an environment that’s amenable for a future implant. That’s going to make your life much easier!

  1. You Have a Tooth Infection

If a serious infection has overtaken a tooth, the priority is removing the affected tooth as quickly as possible to preserve both your health and smile. Knowing that you’re getting a tooth pulled ahead of time presents a great opportunity to begin strategizing for an implant. In fact, you can arrange to have grafting material packed at the time of extraction to get the implant process started from the moment your tooth is removed.

  1. You’re Experiencing Bone Loss in Your Jaw

One of the most unfortunate side effects of losing a tooth is that you will also lose bone density in the jawbone. When people opt for superficial fixes like dentures, they aren’t replacing the “scaffolding” that their natural tooth was providing. As a result, they get a “shrinking” or “drooping” appearance. An implant recreates the tooth root that preserves bone structure.

  1. You’re Tired of Managing Full and Partial Dentures

If you’ve been muddling your way through with a temporary fix for a missing tooth, you may be ready to simply enjoy life with an intact smile again. When you make the transition to an implant, there will never again be a need to remove a dental piece. You can also chew, drink, laugh, smile and brush without any special considerations because your implant will function exactly like your natural teeth.

Learn More About Dental Implants in Lakewood, Colorado

It’s time to consider a dental implant if you’ve lost a tooth for any reason. If you have a tooth that you suspect will need to be extracted due to damage or infection, you’re actually at an advantage because you can control what happens next. While implants are possible in situations where a tooth has been gone for a while, it’s much easier to create a successful implant when you begin the process as soon as the tooth is extracted because you can prevent loss of bone density. Dr. Stephanie Paswaters at Emerald Dental specializes in helping patients enjoy all the benefits of dental implants after tooth loss. For more information about getting dental implants in Lakewood, contact Emerald Dental to book your appointment.