A denture is considered a “removable appliance” that is inserted in the mouth to replace natural teeth. In addition to providing an aesthetic value for concealing the fact that a tooth is missing, a denture also helps to provide structural support for the lips and cheeks. This can be essential for preserving the shape of your face after tooth loss. Patients have several denture options to consider when exploring this smile-saving option. When you visit with Dr. Paswaters here at Emerald Dental, she’ll cover all of the options available to help you enjoy a confident smile.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

We do a conventional denture once your gum tissue has finished fully healing following extraction. However, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the healing process is complete to have a restored smile. An option called an immediate denture can be fabricated and placed right after tooth extraction. This allows the tissue to heal beneath the denture. We also use separate denture styles for the upper and lower teeth to create a more realistic, comfortable fit. An upper denture is actually designed to blend in with the roof of your mouth to mimic the look of your palate. A lower denture has a special “horseshoe” shape that accommodates the tongue.

What Are Dentures Made From?

Several different materials are used to create a denture appliance. Denture teeth are often made from plastic or porcelain. They can be tailored to fit over your existing dental work if necessary. It’s important to know that any type of denture is going to be prone to wear and tear over time. You can expect to have to replace a denture at some point in the future. Replacement may also be necessary simply to maintain proper jaw alignment as your teeth change over time. Many people experience alignment shifts as bone and gum changes occur in reaction to the loss of teeth. If you have dentures, Dr. Paswaters will be checking for any changes in your oral tissue at all subsequent cleanings and appointments.

How Can I Find a Dentist That Does Denture Work in Lakewood Colorado?

If you’re looking for a denture dentist in Lakewood Colorado, Dr. Paswaters at Emerald Dental is here to help you find your perfect fit that will restore confidence and help to preserve your smile. If you’ve already experienced tooth loss, it’s important to book a denture consultation right away because allowing empty spaces to remain in your mouth can cause your remaining teeth to weaken or shift. This can jeopardize the health and appearance of your mouth by making it more likely that you’ll lose additional teeth. Practicing dentistry since 1995, Dr. Paswaters can introduce you to the latest innovations in denture dentistry to help you find a comfortable, livable fit that will allow you to preserve your smile. For more information about getting a denture fitted to your mouth, contact Emerald Dental today to book an appointment at our friendly office!