Restylane® is a type of dermal filler that works to smooth away wrinkles and creases, plump up thin lips, add volume to the hollows under your eyes, enhance shallow facial contours and improve the appearance of scars. This cosmetic injectable is similar to JUVÉDERM®, and works to produce near-immediate improvements to your appearance.

Restylane is made out of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural hydrating substance that works to restore the structure and contours of your skin. As you age, the skin of your face stretches, and the HA present diminishes due to factors such as sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle. Restylane restores HA to your skin, enabling you to achieve a smoother, more youthful and completely natural appearance.

There are several types of Restylane available depending on your cosmetic goals, including:

When you receive a Restylane treatment, our dentist may provide you with a topical numbing agent to minimize any discomfort during your injection. Restylane will begin working immediately to improve your appearance, and you can expect the final results to appear within two weeks of treatment. Your results will last six to nine months.

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